Enemies in Resident Evil: Deadly Silence


[edit] Bees

Bees are without a doubt, wasps and bees mutated from exposure to the T-Virus. Never shoot these pests, because that's just plain dumb it wastes ammo. Instead, pull out your knife and kill them.

[edit] Chimeras

Chimeras are often compared with Hunters. People believe that their birth is the same as the Hunters, scientists mutating humans by modifying the DNA of the human with, not a reptile, but with a fly. Chimeras basically went out of control and killed everyone in the Power Room, which is where the dwell. Their claws, like the Hunters, don't hurt as much but they still do damage. Kill them with one easy Magnum shot. If you don't want to use the Magnum it takes about 6 normal pistol shots. They're fast but if you're quick enough, it should be easy.

[edit] Crows

The crow is probably the easiest enemy to defeat. It takes relatively little effort to stab or slash them as they get up close. It takes quite a few hits for them to reduce your health one level, perhaps as many as five or six, but when you're fighting them alongside other enemies, get rid of them first as they're also somewhat easy to miss.

[edit] Cerberus

Perhaps the most frustrating enemies in first person mode are the zombie dogs. They follow one pattern: howl like a wolf, and then run to bite you. Two to three bites take off health by one level. To kill them, you'll need to employ the stab. When they charge at you, time yourself right so you poke the screen before the dog bites your character's arms. This will severely injure and maybe kill the dog.

[edit] Zombies

Here is our standard Resident Evil enemy (well, it was standard before RE4, anyway). While slow, they do provide a reasonable amount of damage. One, two and especially three bites, vomits or slashes will definitely reduce the character's health down one level. When attacking, sideswipes with the knife are the most effective way to deal damage to them, especially when you are up against a few of them. When they back their heads to prepare to vomit or bite you, a few uppercuts or fast, constant stabs will cause them to stumble and cancel their attack. Keep the knife going and they'll all eventually die after 10 - 15 slashes.

[edit] Hunters

Even though these bastards wouldn't normally be susceptible to the knife, in first person mode it works well against them. Slashing sideways works best, while stabs are almost ineffective in stopping them from attacking. One strong hit (especially when the Hunter leaps into the air and slashes), or two to three slashes will bring your health down. Slash the Hunters sideways and keep the attacks going. Don't let them hit you. When jumping at you, wait until they land and then uppercut them or constantly slash sideways (although slashing might not stop their attack). I'd guess about 15 to 20 powerful slashes are required to down them, maybe more, maybe less.

[edit] Neptune

Neptunes are mutated sharks, as you might've guessed, they're also infected with the T-Virus. You can't exactly fight them since they're invincible but when you drain the water, you're invincible which makes them an unworthy enemy. They're only seen in one place and that's in the basement.

[edit] Spiders

Spiders are just basically spiders mutated by prolonged exposure to the T-Virus. They can poison you. One time during the game, they'll be waiting for you to run past them in the once-Cerberi-inhabited hallway, but to prevent this, shoot with any gun and they'll fall anyway.

[edit] Snakes

These snakes are rumored not to be infected since what they do is what normal snakes do. Bite, poison, die. You can't kill them so it's basically ideal to run past them before they have time to bite you.

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