Enemies REO


[edit] Crows


The crows have become a bit more annoying this time around. Killing them rquires a bit of skill. Wait for them to attack you when they come down to you avoid their attack turn around quickly and shoot them. You can easily kill them by using the knife when they attack one of your partners.

[edit] Dogs


The dogs are not much of a threat. If you tackle them, they will lie in the floor for some time. They attack by throwing themselves at you, or, by bitting your hand.

[edit] Giant Wasps

Giant Wasp

The giant wasps are a real pain this time around. Their stings can poison you when they flay down to attack you. From behind they'll even stab you down to ground. Shooting them requires a bit of skill since they move quickly and the areas with their occurrence are either too big, too small or just too inconvenient. Ignoring them is just as good if not better.

[edit] Hunters

Hunters enemies resident evil outbreak mini.jpg

The hunters from Resident Evil 3: Nemesis make an appearance in the water tanks situated on the B4 level in the last scenario. Their attack scheme is pretty much the same with their alpha counterparts. Be careful when falling into water!They can stove you in no time!

[edit] Leeches


The leeches from Resident Evil Zero make a return in Outbreak. They're still as annoying as the used to be but add a viral effect to their attack. You can stomp them or shoot them to kill them. On HARD/VERY HARD they seem to falling down from everywhere. Shoot them or stomp them.

[edit] Licker


Another foe from Resident Evil 2. As usual the licker uses it's long tongue to attack from afar. When being on the ceiling it can stretch it's tongue around your neck. Kill it with your Shotgun or ignore it.

[edit] Sharks

8482 REO-02.jpg

The sharks have pretty much the same tasks as in the original Resident Evil. They're here to disturb you. The bridge located in the Pier has a few important item you should take. Just ignore the sharks and run away. If the get you down from the bridge try to get back up as quick as possible. Their mouths are big enough for you to have a seat.

[edit] Spiders


Not much of a threat too. Just run when you see them. They can only hit you with poison, when you're close. However, beware! When they start to pull themselves back, they're going to throw themselves at you. Don't stay in front of them, or just tackle them.

[edit] Zombies


Zombies lurk around every corner in Resident Evil: Outbreak. They have different kinds of attacking this time. They can slap you or you or like always bite you when they approximate. They can be found in every scenario and should be taken care of with melee weapons on EASY/NORMAL/HARD. They're a true pain on VERY HARD though. In this case just shoot them to free one of your partners,otherwise try to avoid them.

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