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[edit] Edward Dewey

Seen in Resident Evil Zero as the Bravo Team helicopter co-pilot. Killed off early in the game Edward is seen later as a zombie where he will attack the player. He along with Forest Speyer were the mechanics of the team. Originally he was thought to be the one which Joseph Frost had found in the opening scene of the original Resident Evil when he found the hand which had a pistol in it. Though in the Remake it was shown that it wasn't his hand but another operative from the team Kevin Dooley who had had no previous mention prior to that. The player would later find him on the train to have been attacked by a pack of Cerberus and to me mortally wounded where he would tell the player that there are zombies and monsters in the forest. Then he would furthest die in front of the player only to be found later in the game where he would be found feasting on a dead passenger in his undead state. In 0 he was finally given a role as he had been the only player from the original Resident Evil which had been given no screen role.

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