Dr. Salvador


Dr. Salvador

[edit] Background

Dr. Salvador is a villager wielding a chainsaw. He has much more endurance than the other villagers, and so can withstand many shots.

He was voted the scariest video game character of all time.

His method of killing (chopping Leon's head off with the chainsaw) was voted as the most gruesome death of all time.

[edit] How to fight

Grenades work well against him if you have any. If not, the best thing to do is shoot him in the head with any kind of shotgun. This will knock him down and deal some heavy damage. He is tougher than ordinary villagers however, so he can absorb quite a beating.

Since his chainsaw is a short-ranged weapon,he can't really hurt you,but he makes up for that because he can run faster than normal villagers.Best to fight him at a distance.

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