Crimson Head


[edit] Formation

A crimson head is formed when a zombie has been incapacitated for a certain amount of time. The T-Virus will continue to pump through the body until eventually the body has turned into a crimson red color, there is a flow of blood through the body at an alarming rate, the aggressiveness of the body is amazing and there is claws on the body. They are a lot stronger then there earlier counterpart zombies and will be much more aggressive.

[edit] Crimson Head Elder

Deep beneath the Arklay Research Facility there was a coffin in which the first prototype of Crimson Head was held. The original of the crimson head this one presented much more abilities then its later versions. It was much more aggressive then its earlier counter part and has a much faster movement pattern. The Crimson Head elder is suspected to be George Trevor with some logic from the notes written by Lisa Trevor but it is not certain if he was the original prototype for the crimson heads.

[edit] Alternate Name

The Crimson Heads are alternately known as V-ACT as this was the system they undergo but are more commonly known as Crimson Heads as this is their easy way to distinguish them from the other regular zombies.

[edit] Further Evolution

After the Crimson Head is left for a longer period of time in its state as a crimson had it will eventually evolve into a Licker.

[edit] Appearances

Despite the fact that all zombies will become Crimson Heads once killed, the only game they appear in is REmake for the Nintendo Gamecube.

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