Brad Vickers

Brad Vickers

Brad is a computer expert and excels in information gathering. Unfortunately, his fear of dying draws much heat from his fellow soldiers. His lack of enthusiasm for rushing into danger has earned him the nickname Chickenheart. While Chris is a qualified pilot, Brad has become the Helicopter Pilot from the stars team.

[edit] Brad's Return

In Resident Evil 2, Brad can be found in a zombiefied state at the start of the game. If you make it from the beginning of the game to the police station without picking up any items, Brad will be shuffling around at the bottom of the stairs behind the station. Killing him will earn you the 'Special key' which unlocks the clothes locker in the second save room of the game. Depending on which character you are playing with, Claire or Leon, there are multiple different outfits to try on.

Brad In Resident Evil 3

Brad Vickers also makes an appearance in Resident Evil 3. He meets up with old teammate Jill Valentine, but unfortunately comes across the Nemesis, who is targeting all STARS members. Brad is a STARS member, and therefore, is killed by the Nemesis by being impaled.

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