[edit] Background

The creatures in Code Veronica which have one arm missing but have another arm of immense power and amazing reach. They were the result of trying to reduce the cost of Tyrants but upon development they were found to have many flaws. They didn't posses as much power as the tyrants, they had a missing arm which is generally there left arm and weren't able to withstand as much damage as the tyrants. They are generally a dull yellow sort of colour and mostly appear in the Claire side of the game for Code Veronica. Chris manages to take on one Bandersnatch which is deployed upon him when he confronts Wesker. The Bandersnatches are replaced by Hunters.

[edit] Attacks

The Bandersnatches will attack the player by shooting there arms at the player. They can grab onto the players head and try to crush the players head. The best way of combating these beasts is to fight them at a distance by using the handgun or the bowgun to keep out of range and just constantly fire upon them. In close combat situations its best to use the shotgun or grenade launcher to dispose of them quickly instead of trying to shoot them with weaker firepower as you leave yourself vulnerable to having your head crushed by the bandersnatchs' right arm.

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