[edit] History

B.S.A.A. Stands for Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance. The B.S.A.A. is a national security agency which operates both in the United States of America and Africa and possibly other regions of the world. The B.S.A.A. was developed in order to protect the human race from Bio-Terrorist attacks like the one which occurred at Raccoon City, September 29, 1998 (Raccoon City is a fictional midwestern American city) which was believed to have been overtaken by ‘Zombies’ or ‘The Living Dead’ due to Umbrella’s secret Bio-Weapons.


[edit] Other info

Chris Redfield joined the B.S.A.A. when Umbrella fell in the year 2003 to 2004, Sheva Alomar joins the B.S.A.A. after graduating from University.

Both Chris and Sheva carry an M92F 9mm semi-automatic handgun/pistol. This pistol uses 9mm NATO ROUNDS, it is the standard issue firearm for B.S.A.A. units and as well as U.S. Military Units.

Sheva holding a M92F with Chris in the background holding an Ithaca shotgun
Chris holding a M92F

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