[edit] What is a BOW?

A BOW (Bio-Organic Weaponry) is a human, dog, insects ect. experimented on by injecting the T-Virus, G-Virus, Las Plagas and Progenitor Virus into the DNA (DeoxyriboNucleic Acid) to mutate them into something not human. Accidental contamination occured in Raccoon City and created the Zombie, Crimson Head and most Cerberi and caused destruction of the city.

[edit] Zombie

The mainstay of Umbrella’s BOWs. The zombie was the primary goal of the T-virus. It moves relatively slowly searching for living flesh to feast on. Their main weapon is their teeth. After a long period of time the necrotising effects of the virus break down the body until it begins to fall apart, decreasing the BOW’s potential risk. The proper procedure for disabling a zombie is to damage its muscles enough so that they can no longer function or to sever its spinal cord to prevent nerve impulses reaching the muscles, otherwise you risk it becoming a more powerful Crimson Head. This usually takes a few weeks to occur. The most dangerous aspect of this BOW is the rate of infection. It only takes a small transference of blood or saliva to infect another person.

[edit] Crimson Head

The second stage of the zombie. If a zombie is severely injured, but has not actually had its spinal cord severed then the cells will start to repair themselves. Under extreme pressure the body can make mistakes when replicating DNA strands. This leads to mutations much like radiation sickness. But as the T-virus is now incorporated into the RNA of the host, the mutations are more controlled and much more aggressive. After a long period of time subjects have regenerated enough tissue to be able to move again. They also begin to develop claws and the skin becomes a distinctly crimson hue. Muscle mass is greatly increased and some higher brain functions are restored. This gives these BOWs enough coordination to be able to run. Their claws are far more effective than the rudimentary zombie’s teeth. Decapitation is necessary to permanently disable it.

[edit] Proto-Licker

In extreme circumstances a Crimson Head can mutate into a Licker naturally, usually caused by exposure to high concentrations of the T-virus over long periods of time. This is extremely rare, as very few Crimson Heads survive long enough to incubate the virus for the amount of time required. Only once has this event ever occurred, during the Raccoon City incident. The subject’s skin turns bright crimson and the trademark tongue begins to develop. The claws also develop further. It is more resistant to small arms fire than the artificially created Lickers but it is still no stronger than most Hunters.

[edit] Licker

This BOW can be created artificially by directly injecting a zombie with the T-virus. This can also occur naturally when a Proto-Licker is continuously exposed to the T-virus. This BOW is almost reptilian in appearance. It features an overdeveloped tongue that is capable of piercing a man’s torso. Its claws are extremely sharp and can slice a man’s throat open with surprising ease. Powerful guns or explosives are recommended when killing one. They have been sighted in Raccoon City and Sheena Island. Unfortunately this BOW has some inherent weaknesses. It navigates using its extremely sensitive hearing due to the fact that it is blind. Whilst this serves the creature quite well, targets can avoid it simply by standing still and waiting for the creature to move out of earshot. It also has an exposed cerebellum making it relatively easy to kill. But this BOW is extremely agile and, unlike the Hunter, can climb walls giving it an advantage over most targets. Despite handling itself quite well in the Raccoon City incident, and wiping out most of the local police department, research on this BOW was abandoned in favour of the Hunter.

[edit] Hunter

The Hunter is one of Umbrella’s most successful BOWs. It is easily identifiable due to its reptilian appearance. It is created when the T-virus is directly introduced into human DNA through gene therapy. Reptilian DNA is also added, which will give it their trademark scales covering their entire body. Consequently, making it alot more resistant to small arms fire than a Licker. As a result of this more complicated manufacturing process, the Hunter is far more expensive and takes longer to create than some of the simpler BOWs. All hunters possess incredible speed and agility and unlike the blind Licker it has regained its eyesight. Their strength is matched only by their ferocity and their bodies are more bulky, armored and muscular than a Licker's, making it also alot heavier, meaning that it will be unable to crawl on walls and ceilings. Hunters will use their huge claws and long teeth when attacking while their agility allows them to easily make evasive maneuvers. Extreme caution and distance between you and them is advised, only attack with armor-piercing ammunition or aim for their softer belly.

[edit] MA 121 Alpha

In conjunction with the research being done by Dr. James Marcus. After the Training Facility This was the first type of Hunter created. Research on this BOW started at the Umbrella Training Facility was shut down research was moved to the nearby Arkley Labs. Its standard attack patterns include claw swipes. If it is allowed a run-up the hunter will jump and use the downward momentum to inflict tremendous damage on the upper body. This usually results in a severed main artery, or in extreme cases, decapitation. Low calibre weapons have little effect on it. Explosives or guns with high muzzle-velocities are the optimum weapons to use when killing one of these creatures. Research is still being carried out on this BOW

[edit] MA 121 Beta

This variant was created in labs at Raccoon City. It is similar in every way to the MA-121 apart from the visible muscle tissue on its shoulders. Unfortunately this results in it being much easier to kill if you target the upper body. This is compensated by its increased agility as combat data has shown this BOW to be much harder to target in close-quarter battles. Due to its poor performance in the Raccoon City incident, research on this BOW was abandoned.

[edit] MA 124 Gamma

This variant was created in labs underneath the Raccoon City hospital. It is far more amphibious in appearance and also possesses increased agility. This Hunter also uses claw swipes, but instead of the standard decapitation move that is synonymous with all other Hunters, it prefers to swallow its victims whole. It has slightly stronger resistance to small arms fire than the MA-121 Beta, but it still performed poorly and no further research has been carried out.

[edit] Sweeper

A rarer and much more deadly variant, this Hunter is purple in appearance. It is exactly the same as the MA-121 Alpha except it is more resistant to small arms fire and has the ability to poison victims with its claws. This extremely rare BOW has only been sighted during the Rockfort Island attack. A single Sweeper was spotted during the Mansion Incident, it was believed to be a prototype. This sighting supports the theory that Captain Albert Wesker is responsible for most research on Hunters. The Sweepers used in the Rockfort Island attack belonged to HCF and Wesker is believed to have used his research on Hunters as leverage when agreeing to work for HCF. Any Umbrella research relating to Sweepers was destroyed in the Mansion Incident, meaning Wesker is the sole owner of all Sweeper combat data. Thanks to Wesker’s continued research HCF is now in possession of the most advanced forms of Hunters.

[edit] Hunter Seeker

This BOW represents the pinnacle of all research on Hunters. It possesses all the strengths of the MA-121 Alpha and the agility of the MA-121 Beta. This is one of the only BOWs that can differentiate between friendly and enemy forces. The Hunter-Seeker works in conjunction with small mobile motion sensors. Small and inconspicuous, when one of these sensors is tripped the target is illuminated with a beam and radio signals activate an implant inside the Hunter sending it into a rage. The Hunter’s enlarged eyes suggest more genetic alterations and/or implantations have been carried out. It is thought that the Hunter’s eyes have been altered to see into the ultraviolet spectrum. The motion sensor then projects a UV light beam onto the victim making it an obvious target. Two theories have been postulated on how the Hunter’s behaviour is controlled. Both believe that the Hunter have an altered cerebrum resulting in its ability to refrain from killing every living thing in sight. The first theory suggests that an implant is triggered by the motion sensor, causing a release of an adrenal based substance directly into the creature’s bloodstream, resulting in sending the Hunter into a frenzy. This is unlikely though as it would require a major operation on the creature every time the implant needed to be refilled or replaced. The second theory suggests that the motion sensor activates an implant within the Hunter’s brain. This implant directly stimulates the cerebrum, inducing a state of rage into the Hunter. Despite the fact that it would require extremely difficult surgery to place the implant into the creature’s brain, it would result in a much more reliable BOW.

[edit] Crow

This BOW was created through accidental contamination. They attack in flocks, usually targeting the victim’s eyes and face. They are easily killed by just a few bullets, but they move quicker than normal making them hard to hit.

[edit] Cerberus

Named after the mythical guardian of the Greek Underworld, this BOW is a Doberman infected with the T-virus, increasing its strength, agility and aggressiveness. One of the earlier experiments, it was considered too ineffective compared to other BOWs. Most Cerberi are now created through accidental infection. Due to the necrotic effects of the T-virus their bodies are deteriorating and they are easily put down by any type of handgun.

[edit] Scorpion Type Y-139

This was an early experiment utilising the T-virus on insects. As with most creatures that are relatively low down the evolutionary ladder, no major mutations occurred and the test subject simply increased in size and strength. This BOW was sighted in Raccoon Forest and was reportedly killed by STARS members. Like all poisonous creatures infected with the T-virus it features overdeveloped poison sacs. Parts of its shell have hardened into a tough exoskeleton that is capable of deflecting bullets. Problematically the sudden development of its shell has resulted in corresponding fragility, causing some areas to become exceedingly weak. This includes the head carapace making the Y139 an impractical weapon. No further research was carried out.

[edit] Bee

An accidental infection in the Arkley Labs caused this colony to increase in size and aggressiveness. They are extremely territorial and swarm around intended victims. Capable of poisoning targets, they move very fast. But they have not reacted as favourably to the T-virus as other insects and have only increased in size by 400%. They are relatively easy to kill when in small numbers.

[edit] Chimera

The first experiment in creating a genetically enhanced BOW. This creature is the result of the splicing of human DNA with fly DNA. The T-virus RNA sequence was also incorporated. Chimeras are capable of climbing up walls. Their preferred method of attack is to hang upside down on ceilings and slit their victims throat with their claws. Chimeras provided useful data for many of the later BOWs. They bear many resemblances to them, including the Licker’s large claws and its ability to climb walls, and the Cleaner’s trait of the cellular break down of its body after death. They possess an exceedingly weak exoskeleton though and consequently research on this BOW was abandoned.

[edit] Cleaner

These are genetically enhanced soldiers used by Umbrella when containing fallout from any viral outbreaks. They are resistant to the T-virus and are ideal when missions are required to take place in contaminated areas. Their enlarged upper bodies give them increased strength and agility, although this has had the effect of reducing their intelligence. Armed with MP5K sub-machine guns, they obey orders without question. A platoon of these BOWs were used when containing the outbreak on Sheena Island. It is interesting to note that like Chimeras, their bodies break down as soon as death occurs leaving no trace.

[edit] Cleaner Leader

This BOW is similar to regular Cleaners except he sports night-vision goggles giving him a clear view of the battlefield. It is his job to direct the Cleaners in battle. Although much more rare this BOW is far more intelligent, retaining much of its original mind.

[edit] T-001

The goal of the Tyrant Program was to create a “super-soldier” that retained some semblance of intelligence. Only one in ten million people had the correct genetic code that would cause them to become Tyrants upon infection of the T-virus. The majority of research was carried out by Dr William Birkin, Dr James Marcus and Capt Albert Wesker over a period of ten years. The T-001 was the very first prototype. It features the trademark claw and enlarged heart, but unfortunately it still retained little of its intelligence and could not be controlled, making it an ineffective weapon. It escaped from the Raccoon City labs and was killed by a STARS member. Though difficult to kill it did not display the resistance to small arms fire shown by future Tyrants.

[edit] T-002

The second prototype of the T-001. This specimen was created at the Arkley labs with most of the research carried out by Albert Wesker. The T-002 was released during the Mansion Incident. Its claws are more developed but its heart is still exposed giving it a weakness. This specimen was also killed by STARS members.

[edit] T-103

The mass-production model of the Tyrant. The high incompatibility ratio was solved by injecting subjects with beta hetero-nonserotonin. This substance is an adrenal based neurotransmitter extracted from the locus ceruleus. A vast supply was found in the form of transients, homeless people and various others from third world countries that no one would miss if abducted. They must be kept unanaesthetised in order to ensure maximum amounts of the substance are extracted. Production was carried out on Sheena Island, until it blew up. T-103s can be programmed to track “scents”. This allows a limited identification between friend and foe. In the Raccoon City outbreak one was dispatched to retrieve the last remaining G-virus sample, five others were used to stop a US Special Forces incursion in the north of the city. This model does not feature claws or the exposed heart seen in the previous models. It is completely non-sentient, meaning it has no concept of its mission. This can cause it to perform ill-advised actions in some cases

Mutation of T-103

If a T-103 suffers an extreme amount of damage it will go through an aggressive mutation that makes it revert slightly to that similar of previous models. Claws are formed on both arms and the heart starts to increase in size causing it to protrude slightly from the chest. Its scent system no longer functions and so it attacks all personnel in the area like previous Tyrants. It is much faster but this model still has a weakness to explosives.

[edit] Thanatos Tyrant

This Tyrant was created by a renegade Umbrella researcher during the Raccoon City incident. This Tyrant is far more agility and strength than the others and extremely resistant to small arms fire, but more powerful when Its mutation with deadly claw. It confirmed with a monstrous B.O.W ever Encountered by Survivors so far.

[edit] Hypnos Tyrant

This Tyrant was an experiment carried out on Sheen Island to see if Umbrella could improve on its T-103 model. This Tyrant continues to mutate, similar to that of a G-type. Its first from is relatively weak, able to be stopped by most firearms. Its enlarged claw is still deadly though.

[edit] Tyrant T-0400TP

This Tyrant was unleashed to help destroy the Hunters which renegaded the Umbrella facility in the End of the Road scenario. but with experience of B.O.W.S Powerful Tyrant by most of it from Intelligence.

[edit] T-078

The T-078 was another attempt to improve on the T-103. The specimen was transported to Rockfort Island to provide extra security for the base there. It features huge club like hands, which are very adept at breaking down obstacles. It was released during a viral outbreak. The fact that it continued to track its human target implies it has the same scent program as the T-103.

[edit] Nemesis

Nemesis is one of the deadliest BOWs ever created. Part of the Tyrant Project, the NE-T virus was used in its conception at the main Umbrella Facility in Paris. The first Nemesis was created when the NE-Alpha was inserted into the spine of a T-103. This was the Nemesis T-type. The parasite stimulates the T-virus cells and catalyses the formation of new brain cells. This allows the parasite to gain control of the host’s brain. In effect a second brain is formed, with all lower brain operations including control of the major organs and motor functions. Over time the NE-Alpha parasite will take over all bodily functions. Four compatible subjects were found, but during the mutation process one of the Nemeses maintained the ability of independent thought. Whether it was the parasite that was responsible or the host was never found out as the subject tried to escape and was destroyed immediately. The remaining Nemeses were given inhibitors that would limit the NE-Alpha’s growth when it reached maturity. This new modified Nemesis was classified the Nemesis T-02. Due to the fact that only 1 in 60,000,000 people have DNA that is compatible with the virus, Nemesis is an extremely rare BOW. It was a minor miracle that a compatible test subject was found at all. Nemesis uses the same ‘scent’ program as the T-103s, enabling it to hunt down targets over large distances. Unlike other Tyrants, Nemesis is sentient. As it actually has a concept of what its mission is, it is able to improvise in situations. It is also able to use weaponry. In the Raccoon City incident Nemesis was issued with a modified C90-CR rocket launcher, which was used to great effect. Standing over nine feet tall, Nemesis wears the standard trench coat issued to Tyrants, which hides a mass of tentacles capable of infecting victims with the NE-T virus. The NE-T virus affects the central nervous system of the victim and can cause mild paralysis. If the victim should die, the NE-T virus contains enough T-virus cells to reanimate the victim, which increases the chances of the T-virus being spread. Unlike the T-103s, Nemesis is extremely agile, capable of jumping several storeys and outrunning any human. Its strength exceeds that of a T-103. For all intents and purposes Nemesis is completely indestructible! This is mainly thanks to additional armor plating and implants that are surgically added to the body after the mutation has completed its final stage. This surgery is what gives Nemesis his trademark scar with stitches across the face. Most conventional weapons have no effect on it whatsoever and explosives only succeed in rendering it unconscious for a short period of time. High caliber weapons (.44 Magnum or .50 cal and higher) seem to slow him down temporarily after several hits, but his high regenerative traits will soon allow him to perform back at full capacity! Extreme caution advised is an understatement when dealing with a Nemesis, evading and running is a more realistic scenario, giving you the highest chances for survival.

Nemesis was killed during the Raccoon City incident by STARS member Jill Valentine. The circumstances that resulted in Nemesis’s death were extreme, and highly unlikely to be repeated. Regardless the loss of Nemesis was a huge blow to Umbrella and there is little chance of finding another compatible host.

Mutation 1 of Nemesis

Nemesis was designed to secrete a substance that would increase its cell metabolism in order to counter any heavy attacks and recover from wounds. The downside would be more increasingly unstable mutations. After falling unconscious in a fire, Nemesis’s trench coat was burned off and its rocket launcher destroyed. The extreme pressure put on the body caused a spontaneous mutation effect seen with G-Types and Crimson Heads. Nemesis’s tentacles extended in length and the loss of the trench coat allowed greater mobility. Its attack patterns include wrapping its tentacles around its victim and throwing them against walls.

Mutation 2 of Nemesis

After being decapitated, losing an arm and finally being boiled in large vat of acid in the Umbrella Waste Disposal Facility, which was designed to break down industrial waste, the remnants of Nemesis crawled to the nearby body of a T-103 and ingested some of the remains. The apparent infusion caused an extremely violent mutation. Its reaction was similar to that of a G-Type with new appendages being spontaneously generated. It also suffers from the same ‘devolution’ effect with each mutation; Nemesis reverted to a quadruped form and would have no doubt broken down into an amorphous blob had the mutations continued. An interesting chemical reaction also took place. Its unstable metabolic rate will cause a conflict between the T-virus and Nemesis-T virus cells. Nemesis can use this to its advantage by projecting a highly acidic compound of T and NE-T virus cells, capable of infecting anyone who comes into contact with this substance. Its acid and tentacle attacks are less effective than its previous attack patterns, but still lethal nonetheless. It is interesting to note that Nemesis continued to pursue its mission goal of eliminating all STARS members even when near death, and when mutations should have substantially altered its brain.

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