Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham

[edit] Background

Ashley Graham is the daughter of the newly elected president in Resident Evil 4. She is kidnapped by a cult in Spain, and Leon S. Kennedy is dispatched to rescue her.

She is infected with the Las Plagas in an attempt to spread the virus to America after she is sent back (after collecting ransom money).

[edit] As a playable character

Ashley is a playable character for a short time during Resident Evil 4. She has no weapons, but can throw oil lamps scattered around the area at the Illuminados to light them on fire. When attacked, she has the quicktime action option of fiercely kicking her aggressor, though this does little but knock the opponent back.

[edit] Easter eggs of her costumes

Like Leon, Ashley has three different costumes. The following have Easter Eggs:

Costume 1: The original costume, when the player aims up at Ashley (ie. from the bottom of a ledge) he underwear is visible. She will cover herself and exclaim "You pervert!" or "Hey, what are you looking at?". However, from a high enough distance it is possible to view her underwear without her notice.

Costume 3: In Ashely's PS2 exclusive Knight armour costume, she is invulnerable. Also, when Leon catches her, he groans and clutches his back in pain.

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