Alyssa Ashcroft

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Alyssaashcroft 2.jpg
Age: 28
Weight: 139 Ibs
Height: 5’9’’
Quick Description: A master of unlocking things.
HP: 2000
Speed: 5
Virus Growth: 4
  • Description:

Alyssa is a newspaper journalist that works for one of the local newspapers. She has an appetitie for collecting every bit of information. She is also known to be very pushy, argumentative, and can be quite the sore loser when she doesn't get her way. But even with this tough exterior, deep down she still cares for others and will help in a time of need. Alyssa carries a lockpick, which can be quite useful for opening certain doors. She also has a backstep move, which is useful for avoiding enemies. In addition to that, Alyssa has the potshot ability, which enables her to deal more damage from a gunshot.

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