Alexander Ashford

Alexander Ashford portrait.

[edit] Background

Alexander Ashford was the son of Edward Ashford who was one of the co-founders of the viral company Umbrella. Alexander was the one who damaged his family name and reputation in youth days. Though through this he allowed Ozwell E. Spencer to take full control of Umbrella by himself. Though later in life he was sent to Rockfort Island to work as one of the Umbrella scientists. He was a minor scientist and never given to much praise for most of his work though he studied into the gene which affected human intelligence. Though in doing this he further creating two twins Alfred and Alexia which were of differing levels of intelligence. Though this is what led to his demise and eventually him becoming another product of the Umbrella experimentation and mutations which led him to become Nosferatu which was seen during the events of Resident Evil: Code Veronica X.

[edit] Nosferatu state

Nosferatu pursues upon Claire and Steve.

Alexander was turned into this creature after Alfred had finally discovered that him and his twin sister were products of an experiment which his father had carried out. Angry at finding out what his father had done to him Alfred trapped him father into a room and injected him with the strain of virus which Alexia had developed. The strain known as T-Veronica. This further led to his mutation and him turning into the fiend. Though he was chained up in a secret room in the depths of the Antarctic base and was able to be seen from above when the player would go behind the book cupboard which could be moved. The workmen of the base could hear him through the night they would say. A diary entry could be found by the player in the bunks which actually told the player of this and from here he had been dubbed Nosferatu by the employees.

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