[edit] Albinoid

The Albinoid seen in Resident Evil: Code Veronica X was the evidence of infecting a infant Salamander with the T-Virus. It has the ability to send out shock waves. It can grow from a baby to full adult in 10 hours. The adult is much bigger and send out bigger shock waves. The fully grown adult is combated by Chris when he goes to seek the eagle plate so he can progress further through the island. The infants are seen when Claire obtains the portrait from the room which contains the specimens of the Albinoid experiments. They are small and deal relatively not much damage but it only takes a small period of time for them to reach their full grown state. The full grown ablinoid moves through the water with speed and has the ability to react fast. The electrical waves which is sends out issue a lot of damage also. If Chris comes into contact with these electrical waves he can be dealt a fair bit of damage.

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