Advice for Resident Evil: Deadly Silence


[edit] Avoid Enemies

In the game, many enemies (in third person view) can be avoided by running around them before they can react and attack you. Not only does this save you ammo, it can avoid getting you injured and making you use up a precious healing item.

[edit] Conserve Ammo

New to Deadly Silence is the ability to arm the combat knife by just holding the L button. This first appeared in Resident Evil 4. While the knife is still a relatively weak weapon, it does save a lot of ammunition. It works well against zombies that are on the ground, or "bottlenecked" in a position where they are trapped and cannot reach you. The knife is also the perfect weapon against smaller enemies like crows and wasps. You're probably better off not using it against Hunters, Chimeras or bosses, though.

[edit] General Controls

To Shoot: Hold R and Press A or Y To Change Enemies: While aiming, press L To Use the Knife: Hold L To Auto-Turn: Press Down and B To Reload During Gameplay: Press R and B

[edit] Keep Your Distance

Very important should avoiding an enemy not be an option. Keep your distance while you're attacking. Thankfully, unlike the other Biohazard games, weapons don't seem to noticeably lose their effectiveness when fired from afar (they might, but you'd probably at most lose a bullet or two). By keeping your distance, you have a smaller chance of injury.

[edit] Make Multiple Save Files

Admittedly this is less of a problem with the original Biohazard than it is with Deadly Silence, because Deadly Silence only has five save slots in the cartridge. What you should do is save on multiple save slots a few times in your adventure. If you make a mistake and become unable to proceed forward in the game due to that mistake (such as using up too much ammo or health), then reload an older save file and avoid making the mistake.

[edit] Manage Item Slots Wisely

Chris can only hold six items, and Jill can hold eight. For each character, keep a health item, weapon, ammo and a powerful weapon at your disposal. At least two spaces should be unoccupied for items you can pick up. Make frequent trips to the item box and drop things off that you won't need - the walkthrough will usually make note of this, but it should become something of your priority as you play.

[edit] Use Your Mic in First Person Mode

If a zombie is about to vomit on you, blow into the microphone to blow its vomit back, preventing you from getting damaged.

[edit] Use Your Weapons Wisely

A more powerful weapon many times is the worst possible weapon to use. Don't use the Magnum on one lone zombie, and don't use the Handgun against a group of zombies. The Magnum needs to be saved for powerful foes, and the Handgun should be used for lone enemies a fair distance away. Thankfully, the Shotgun and BAZOOKA are flexible. The Shotgun will burn through groups of zombies in two or three shots, while the BAZOOKA, depending on the type of ammo, will kill most enemies in a shot or two.

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