Sherry Birkin

Sherry Birkin

[edit] Introduction

Sherry is introduced during the Claire Redfield scenario of Resident Evil 2. Sherry tries to run from Claire many times, but Claire finally convinces Sherry that she is a friend.

[edit] Plot Contributions

For the most part, Sherry simply tags along with Claire. There are some short segments in the game where the player takes control of Sherry. She is also infected with an embryo of Willaim Birkin, Sherry's father who by this time had injected himself with the G-Virus and become a monster. Claire spends a fair portion of the game finding an antidote for Sherry. If the player is playing as Claire during the second scenario, Mr. X will attempt to chase down Sherry to get a G-Virus sample in her locket. Both Sherry and Claire eventually escape Raccoon City via train.

[edit] Resident Evil 5

It is rumored that Sherry will appear in Resident Evil 5, but no other details have been given.

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