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[edit] STARS Alpha Team

The Special Tactics And Rescue Squad were comprised of 2 teams. STARS Alpha and STARS Bravo.

[edit] Alpha members

Albert Wesker
- Mission Leader
Chris Redfield
- Marksman
Jill Valentine
- Machine Expert
Barry Burton
- Weapons Specialist
Brad Vickers
- Pilot
Joseph Frost
- Vehicle Specialst

[edit] Alpha Team Mission Briefing

New members of the Alpha Team arrive in Raccoon City late in day. Earlier, strange reports come in from locals about missing people and unusual sightings of dog-like monsters. The mangled remains of a woman hiker are fished out of river. The police report notes that something powerful had got hold of her, judging by the depth of teeth marks. Most likely a grizzly or wolf attack
Public demands police action.
Police actions:
a) Entrance to mountain barricaded
b) S.T.A.R.S contacted
c) S.T.A.R.S informed that hiker was part of tourist group that had gone into the mountains a few days earlier S.T.A.R.S will join mountainside search for more hikers.

[edit] STARS Bravo Team

[edit] Bravo Team Members

Enrico Marini
- Mission Leader
Richard Aiken
- Communications
Rebecca Chambers
- Medical
Edward Dewey
- Pilot
Forest Speyer
- Vehicle Specialist
Kenneth J. Sullivan
- Field Scout

[edit] Bravo Team Mission Briefing

Helicopter discovers a mansion. Engine fails. Helicopter down. Contact lost with Bravo Team over Mountains.

Mission Objectives:

a) Investigate Raccoon Forest Area
b) Locate Bravo Team Helicopter
c) Locate and rescue Bravo team members
d) Bring situation under control

[edit] Be Safe.

[edit] End Transmission.

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