Resident Evil Survivor 2: Code Veronica

Resident Evil Survivor 2 Box

[edit] Premise

Sheena Island – on the outside a peaceful residential island for people seeking a solitary life… But beneath the calm exterior tells a dark story. The cries of dying children echo through the streets at night, and one by one more are disappearing. Rumors of a laboratory within the island where tests are run are heard. The residents fear the one known only as Vincent Goldman. A man wakes up at the wreckage of a helicopter, something’s happened… Fires rage around the island, helicopters circle over head, and yet he can’t remember what happened, nor can he remember himself. Upon exploring the island, he discovers horrific zombies and more deadly creations, but none more terrifying than the truth that he discovers when he realizes he could be Vincent, and is unaware of the terrible acts he has committed...

And just who is Ark Thompson?

[edit] Characters

Claire Redfield
Steve Burnside

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