Decisions, Decisions

[edit] Plot Overview

The final scenario of the game. The scenario opens up in the Raccoon University. Early on the players find a man named Peter who has been apparently killed by gunshot. He has left a note suggesting that there is a new product called "Daylight" which can eliminate the T-Virus from the body. From here the players go about finding all the necessary ingredients to put together the creation. As they continue to search a cut scene shows Nicholai Ginovaef trying to get a blood sample from the unleashed tyrant known as Thanatos. This would be the final ingredient needed to create the daylight. Though a man Greg in the meantime aims to blow up the university but he is shot by Nicholai stopping that from happening. From here they intend to escape through a helicopter but must defeat the tyrant first. They retrieve a ampoule shooter from a dead UBCS operative and use it to kill the tyrant.

[edit] Enemies


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