Resident Evil Gaiden

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Resident Evil Gaiden
Developer(s)M4 Ltd.
Publisher(s)Capcom (USA, Japan) Virgin Interactive (Europe)
DesignersTim Hull
Release Date(s)Europe December 14, 2001
SeriesResident Evil
Genre(s)Adventure Shooter
PlatformsGameboy color


Following the events of Umbrella in Racoon City an anti-Umbrella organization has been set up. Leon is sent to investigate an Ocean Liner known as Starlight. Apparently the ship has been carrying B.O.W (Bio-Organic Weapon). After Leon is deployed upon the ship contact with him is lost. The player takes the control of Barry and must investigate for Leon.


Leon S. Kennedy
Barry Burton


The player faces up against a varying amount of zombies, some which contain and use weapons. But apart from that the character faces B.O.W which is a tyrant like creature and Parasite Bow which is a newly developed Parasite which develops inside humans.

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